5 Best Arborists in San Francisco🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Arborists in San Francisco. To help you find the best Arborists located near you in San Francisco, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Francisco’s Best Arborists:

The top rated Arborists in San Francisco are:

  • The Urban Arborist – is a complete service tree company particularizing in urban tree care and management
  • Arnest Martin Certified Arborists – offers advisory services for trees of all sizes
  • City Trees – was established by Frank Fredericks in 1989
  • Tree Management Experts – is a small consulting company that helps San Francisco and the nearby Bay Area cities
  • Arborist Now – will come to your home or business and provide you with a free estimate

The Urban Arborist

The Urban Arborist is a complete service tree company particularizing in urban tree care and management. Their certified arborists provide tree services to residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Josef Sikelianos, the creator of Urban Arborist, became an arborist out of family practice and a lifetime attraction with the natural world.

What started as a one-man operation has now grown into a comprehensive tree service with highly skilled arborists and technicians with over 60 years combined Bay Area experience. Their teams are well-versed in the City’s unique and challenging landscape. At the Urban Arborist, they begin with the view that your trees are part of an ecosystem.

They use their experience to determine how best to treat that system as a whole in order to enhance each tree’s relationship to its unique setting, considering the surrounding landscape, buildings, micro-climates, and of course the humans that share that ecosystem.


Commercial Tree Care, Tree Pruning & Maintenance, Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Services, Tree Planting, Cabling & Bracing, Estimates & Diagnosis, Tree Protection Plans, Mulch Delivery, Landscape


Address: 2200 Cesar Chavez # 3, San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 676-1949


“Urban Arborist and Scott Wheeler are impeccable in what they do. I have used them several times over the last 8 years and I am always, ALWAYS, happy with the work and the crew and the trust I have in them. Trustworthy, detail-oriented, patient in explanations and discussions and they clean every thing up so my yard looks better than it did before they did the tree trimming! Highly recommend.” – Cindy G.

Arnest Martin Certified Arborists

Arnest Martin Certified Arborists offers advisory services for trees of all sizes, surroundings, and conditions, tree venture and hazard evaluations, and artistic pruning for small and medium-sized trees. Your trees are part of your property, and part of your territory. Whether you are a recent homeowner, or you have critical concerns about trees you’ve lived beneath for years, start with an hour consulting with Martin to get you oriented to all of your tree care inquires and demands.

Regardless of whether you are just speculative about your neighbor’s tree overhanging your garden, or you have a specific tree issue such as view clearance, sidewalk replacement, or utility line clearance, Martin can help you with all manner of tree questions and situations. He can provide you with written reports and letters, help you navigate tricky city procedures like tree removal permits or tree protection plans for construction, and more.


Tree Pruning, Seasonal Notification, Hazard Evaluation/Mitigation, Neigbor Relations, Tree Planting, Tree & Stump Removal, Consultation


Address: San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 613-2686


“Martin asthetically reshaped my 3 large, 35 year old Japanese maple trees in Danville. Great job.Took 2 days and he hauled away 2 truck loads of clippings. Thanks for a great job.” – Tom B.

City Trees

City Trees was established by Frank Fredericks in 1989, who started his profession as a volunteer for friends of the Urban Forest and obtained the International Society of Arboriculture’s “Volunteer of the Year” award. Today, City Trees is managed by Alex Thomas and keep its mission to maintain and ornament the trees of San Francisco, by providing quality service by experienced professionals.

Alex started working with Frank Fredericks and Joshua Bewig at City Trees in 2011 and is an ISA Certified Arborist. He grew up on his family’s pear garden in Ukiah, CA, received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and is a graduate of the James Krenov Fine Woodworking program.


Tree Services


Address: 169 Lower Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 626-8535


“I have used City Trees during the past three years for tree removal and tree trimming. Alex Thomas is the principal and is highly professional and competent. On time and fair value.” – Robert H.

Tree Management Experts

Tree Management Experts is a small consulting company that helps San Francisco and the nearby Bay Area cities. Roy Leggitt is the company creator and owner and has been an Arborist for over 30 years. Tree Management Experts is properly qualified with all appropriate licenses, certifications, and experience to connect these needs and provide proficient consulting services for a wide range of needs.

Despite the fact that price shopping is beneficial with products and some services, it may not serve you so well with consulting services. Their costs and hourly rates reflect the need to maintain certifications, their experience, licenses, and insurance. Cost-cutting generally means that you will receive lower performance, lower quality results, and will be using a less qualified person. They seek to give you the best value possible for the fees they charge.


Arborist Report, Tree Health Assesment, Tree Hazard Assesment, Tree Protection Planning, Tree Preservation During Construction, HOA Tree Inventory, HOA Tree Management Plan, Municipal Tree Management, EIR Technical Study, Training & Education, Forensic Investigation, Expert Witness


Address: 3109 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 606-3610


“Found Tree Management Experts on google . Spoke to Margret and within 1 week, her and her crew of 5 were a my house pruning 3 sycamores, a Chinese elm, 3 palms and removing a dead plum tree. Price was very reasonable and the crew very professional. They even cleaned the debris that fell in my pool! Highly recommend them.” – Brant V.

Arborist Now

Arborist Now’s duty is to be San Francisco’s best tree care service company, by doing a broad range of superior quality tree care services, safeguarding each client’s environment and investment. They will come to your home or business and provide you with a free estimate for the tree and property services you need. Whether you’re a property manager, homeowner, or commercial developer, you will find their friendly prompt customer service to be a pleasure to work with.

Their level of expertise is second to none covering every aspect of Urban Forestry. They provide a complete line of high-quality tree care and landscape services that protect an owner’s investment and their surroundings. They are committed to ensuring your trees and greenery are healthy, safe, and beautiful.


Complete Tree Care, Landscaping, Design & Consulting, Tree & Plant Healthcare, Wood Milling, Wood Design & Furniture


Address: 580 California St 12th fl, San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 310-7781


“Arborist Now has been trimming my enormous 100-year-old Monterey Cyprus for decades. They understand the tree and its needs, have kept it in perfect shape, and I trust their expertise. These guys are experienced, professional and fairly priced. Great company to work with!” – Michael L.

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